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Just finished this amazing Painting job in Panania. We were out there at someone’s house painting a bali hut that was installed by Aarons Outdoor.

The customer wanted the job to be done the same day as the install so they didn’t have have tradesmen around there house for more than one day (come on we aren’t that bad are we?)

Aarons Outdoor Living makes their bali huts from solid timber, but this thing is outdoors so we needed something that could withstand this fierce Aussie weather of ours. Anyways, we painted it using Cabbots Oil based stain which is what we recommend for these kinds of jobs. The finished product is seen below, pretty nice if I do say so.

The guys have done a great job with their backyard, getting some other landscaping done. They put some hindu statues and some stone pot around the place in order to finish off that tropical bali style they were going for.


If you want to get your gazebo or pergola painted without the fuss of DIY, feel free to give us a call for a free quote.



Asbestos was typically used in the past to insulate walls and ceilings, to sound-proof and fireproof homes and buildings, and to strengthen cement, floor, gardening, roofing, and sealing materials. While the heavy use of this material has already been discontinued, people still need to know what to do to avoid the dangers of asbestos. This material is odorless and one may not necessarily know if a house has this hazardous material until someone becomes chronically ill for being exposed to loose fibers and having inhaled them for too long. It is also important to note that asbestos becomes a risk when the surface where it is present becomes disturbed by vibration such as during drilling, sawing, and pounding. Some of the chronic illnesses associated with asbestos are asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. All of these are lung conditions and may present similar symptoms such as chronic cough, fluid build-up in the lung cavity, and shortness or difficulty of breathing. It takes a long time to develop these diseases and there are many cases wherein patients do not feel or present any symptoms. Asbestosis causes lung inflammation and scarring, whereas mesothelioma is a type of lung cancer that also affects the abdomen. If you need quotes for Asbestos Removal you should go to Asbestos Cleanaway and request a quote from the local licensed providers.

Construction workers, professional house-cleaners and exposed individuals are most at risk of developing these asbestos-related ailments. If you are constantly at risk for asbestos exposure, ask your insurance provider if related illnesses are included in the coverage, just to be sure. To avoid the dangers of asbestos, always wear protective masks in places where construction or renovation of old structures is ongoing. On the other hand, if you are an employee, a tenant or someone who suspects that asbestos may be making you or someone else sick, report it to the website or office of Environment Protection Agency in your area.

Update: Mr Lincoln now also do Synthetic Grass removal and replacement. Artificial Grass is a great way to spruce up the backyard. But over the years it can fade. We have partnered with ezartificialgrass.com.au to offer these services click here for more information on fake grass removal services.

House painting is a large job that needs working in uncomfortable postures at heights. It is also a work that has to be completed right if you need long-term results, because the home outside is exposed to the components. If you are alert to the challenges and understand just how to handle them, painting the exterior of your home could be a workable DIY job.

If the job gets to expensive you can get specialty renovation loans from companies like Jet Lending who are in South Australia.

Sometimes it’s hard getting quotes from painters melbourne but I’m sure you can manage.


Though, discover how much it is going to cost to have your house is painted by specialists for you, before you purchase materials and your paints.

As a really rough information, house-painting professionals estimate the expense of picture a home at:
$1 2-$2 5 per square metre for lumber which is in good shape.
$18-$30 per-square metre for lumber which is in bad condition.
How do you tell which end-of the size your house-painting occupation will be on? It is possible to get some good thought by simply visualizing what you will be facing if you determine to get the job done yourself:

Is the house on a-level block? Therefore will likely cost less, in that case, the occupation will be simpler for the painters.
Are there crops and other obstacles in the manner? The price will likely be a small higher, if the response is yes.

Can it be a single-storey or two-storey house? Painters will aspect the expense of the scaffolding and additional labour into their estimates, if scaffolding is required.

Would you need another treatment for the fascia? If therefore, the painters will consider a different occupation that needs greater time and focus on detail.

Getting house painters melbourne to do a good job can be hard.

Irrespective of these details, distinct hourly rates are charged by distinct painters. Yet, a painter’s hourly fee is a lousy index of the real price of the occupation.

Require quotes for the whole occupation rather than what their hourly fee is, when you get estimates from outdoor painters. You’re more probably to get more precise estimates before they come and examine your home in individual, if you provide them with details about the details summarized above forward of time and the range of the occupation.

As an alternative to settle on the cheapest estimate, scrutinize preceding examples of the painters’ function first and if it’s possible to do so talk to a couple of these clients in person. A superb painter abandon the house seeming better than it seemed before they arrived, make sure to not damage crops and is not going to let paint to drip or spill.

Quality commercial painters sydney are few and far between.

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